VPN recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations for a vpn?

I have one installed now on my router - I’m in the UK and have a UK vpn server activated - but it stops any BBC channels working through iRadio on a ND5XS. Non BBC channels seem to be fine. The same thing is also happening on an Amazon Echo device.

Grateful for any suggestions/advice!

I had Express VPN for a while and can confirm that the BBC iplayer wouldnt work while it was active, even when a UK VPN server was selected. Its not your setup, the BBC has found some way to filter out VPN connections. Cannot comment on Amazon Echo.
If you want to use BBC services then I think you only option is to turn VPN off.

I use RealVNC which is free. Easy to set up and use. However I have only ever used within my home to control a computer from one of several other devices, so I don’t know how easy it is to set up and use via WAN, not how good the security is when enabled that way.

Edit: oops answer to wrong question! But I’ll leave here anyway in case useful to anyone.

I use ExpressVPN regularly, and often download BBC R4 stuff for offline listening. If you can’t get it to play through iPlayer, try TuneIn radio.

Other than blocking vpn server addresses, there is no way to block a vpn by the service provider. Remember other than trivial small business or home user setups almost certainly VPN’s of one sort or another are being used by everyone else.
Therefore if using a public vpn service provider and you have issues, try an alternate provider.

I’ve used both ExpressVPN and NordVPN recently and both work well on a multitude of devices. However, don’t think either of them worked consistently with iPlayer.


I have used TunnelBear whilst abroad and have never had any issues accessing BBC services.

I have migrated from Express VPN, which was reliable and stable but went through a period of flakiness, to Cyber Ghost, which has so far been excellent (3 months).

I use Proton free VPN. Seems to do the job.


VyprVPN for Apple devices (iPad and MacBooks). Works really well.

Most of the VPN’s listed still log. Try Mullvad - outside the EU directives and logs nothing - ever. You can even mail them cash if your super anal over traceability.

Thanks for all the suggestions. After a bit more research I found that my Asus router has the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware available. Amongst other things the firmware allows you to assign different connected devices to use the vpn or not. I have bypassed the vpn for the ND5XS and all is working.

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