Vtuner account

Hi folks. I have acquired Naim Muso 2 as welcome addition to my QB 1. Multiroom works smoothly, but I l am struggling to view added radio stations from my existing Naim Vtuner page on the new Muso. In browser I can only enter the new Muso MAC address to get into the empty vtuner list, with the option to add stations. But to do so, I have to log in with user details. That will redirect me back to original page with my added stations. But when I add any station, it’s visible only under the QB module in the Naim app. Is there any way how can I get into Muso my list as single source? Appreciate any support. Cheers, Robin

Hi Robin, you need a separate login for each different streamer. It’s been a while since I tried this, but from memory you should use a different email address for each login.
It’s a bit clumsy, but it should work. Alternatively, you could just use the Muso 2 to log in, and use multiroom to send the stream to the QB. Then you only need one login. As it’s the Mk2 version you get access to some stations that don’t work on the old models, or that are available in higher quality.

When you add a station through a vTuner login, are you sure it’s not already available in the iRadio menu? Many stations are in there, but can be easy to miss in the menu. Another advantage of the Mk2 Muso is that you can use the search function on the app homepage. The search results include radio stations, unlike the Mk1, so you may find that some stations are already available without requiring a vTuner login to save them.

Hi Chris. Thanks for the quick reply. Looks like the multiroom will be better option so I can maintain single list. I know about vTuner stations and iRadio menu, but my added stations are not listed there. I use the option to play with extracted streams from dynamic sources.