Vtuner added stations

Added stations Vtuner not visible in Atom nor in app: hangs on “loading” but no list of stations
Vtuner webpage shows the list.
Anyone experience?

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Hello HermanB and welcome.
I haven’t personally seen this problem but, have you tried disconnecting the power lead to your Atom, wait a few minutes and reconnect?
It might need a bit of a reset to make them appear.

Thanks for your feedback!
In fact it’s possible to do a restart of the atom after pressing several seconds the power-knob, the firmware is than reloading without disconnecting the power lead.
But unfortunately no show of the added stations, only “loading” to see

I don’t believe that’s the case. All you are doing is putting it in deep sleep. You need to fully disconnect.

Naim sometimes recommend that you disconnect the power cable from your streamer for a few minutes, so I think HH is correct, this is not quite the same as just putting it into ‘deep sleep’ mode.
If that doesn’t work, the next stage would be to try a factory reset, although I’m not convinced that any of these steps will resolve your VTuner issue.

Me too using a 333.

Naim support have disappeared having emailed them 3 times in the last month

Zero interest in supporting an 8k streamer. Not good

I’ve just figured this out.

Vtuner interface seems to have 2 ways in

If you login top right you seem to end up somewhere different than if you enter the MAC address of the streamer at the bottom, and then login when prompted

The latter route immediately makes added stations visible in the streamer… god only knows what the other route is doing!

MAC address can be found via naim app settings → about → Ethernet mac

Yes, vTuner can only add stations if it knows the MAC address of the streamer.

you can add stations to Vtuner if you login without adding a Mac … it just doesn’t seem to do anything with them, or prompt you for a MAC address… so basically totally useless confusing functionality!!

Yes, the vTuner website is basic. There’s not much Naim can do about that, although their instructions that tell you to use the MAC address are somewhat buried and you have to dig for them. Sadly the 333 user manual is woefully inadequate and makes no mention of this function at all.

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