vTuner and choosing diffrent bitrate streams

Hi all. I am considering purchase of ndx2. I know that Naim is implementing vTuner for internet radio. At present I am using Denon streamer for the very purpose. Their Heos is using Tunein radio. Some stations e.g. jazzfm uk have multiple streams and they are listed accordingly to bit rate and %reliability. Tunein would initially play more reliable but lower bitrate stream but once the station is playing I can easily choose the stream I want to play with a higher bitrate. I can also easily add a custom url (for not listed station) using the app.
Can you tell me if choosing streams is possible and how is it implemented in Naim app? Also is adding custom url possible?

It is all done through the Naim vtuner website


Adding custom urls is simple, though the bitrate and stream type options seem rather redundant and are more just for information from what I can gather

Hi @Rafalzado ,

VTuner are more focused on home based products, so where possible aim to offer the best bit rate stream that is available. On a Hifi product there is not much point offering the low datarate Mobile streams that some broadcasters offer. Nowadays that means we try and use AAC streams over MP3 streams when data rates are under 192kbit/sec.

If there is a station that has a superior stream to the one that VTuner are currently offering, then let us know. Currently there are about 46000 unique stations in VTuner, so I’m sure there will be some where a better stream is available to when they last reviewed that station. Adding Custom stations via the the webpage should be seen as a last resort.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio

thank you very much for all your help and useful information!

What would be the way to let you know, an email to Naim support or some other way?

Feed it into Naim support and it will make it through to the necessary people.



Thank you very much. I just checked vTuner website and they offer only one (higher bitrate stream) for JazzFm unlike TuneIn which offers two more lower rate (possibly for mobile devices)**
Thanks again for all your help

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