VTuner coughing?

I have been listening to Radio Paradise on my NDX2 today. It frequently cuts out.
I rebooted the NDX2, my router,etc. Everything else on the network and through the NDX2 (Tidal) works just fine. But Radio paradise frequently jumps or cuts out. Anybody else having problems?

That’s not Vtuner coughing. Vtuner just tells your streamer where to connect for RP. So likely it’s a poor or inconsistent route from your streamer to RP’s server. That could be in your home network, but more likely anywhere in the world to their server, wherever it is.

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Same here. Muso Qb and Muso Qb2 are both stop playing randomly. The Naim app indicates that the stream is still playing (i.e. show “Stop Stream”), however no audio. Stopping the stream and reconnecting brings the audio back.

(From what I can tell no network issues.)