VTuner / Internet Radio update now live

Hi All,

Just a quick update that our friends at VTuner have done another small update on the Naim VTuner server.


  • BBC Radio view now has station icons.
  • Country flags are now shown consistently as a server side feature, rather than app.
  • The user ‘Add station’ feature on naim.vtuner.com has been sorted out as was somewhat confusing.
  • Station logos can now also be referenced on user added stations.
  • All comms is now https (encrypted) on the naim.vtuner.com domain and necessary URL redirects added to ensure https is being used.

A few screenshots here:

In the previous VTuner update earlier this year we also changed:

  • New Internet radio home screen icons.
  • Most Popular stations view sorted out so local and country centric stations can be browsed.
  • Station search feature added on newer platform products (muso gen2, Atom and derivs)
  • 1000’s of stations converted to higher quality AAC stations and sanity checked - an ongoing task as the database has about 46000 unique stations and various radio stations are permanently messing with their backend systems.
  • Laut.FM has its own view, as was clogging up the Germany view on green screen streamer products.
  • Popular stations view added per country when browsing stations by location.
  • FLAC added as a stream type in User added stations
  • BBC Ondemand now using new authentication for continued access to this BBC feature.
  • BBC Ondemand images now show where available.
  • Backend update to use latest Microsoft database & OS for improved security & maintainability.

We’re also working with the necessary parties to aim to get some stations that have gone encrypted with latest ciphers playable again on older products. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but we’re always up for a tech challenge. :slight_smile:

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


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