Vtuner issues - still a problem?

Just checking as my mum is complaining that she can’t get Classic FM on her Muso, other radio stations work just fine.

Are you able to stream classic FM? I would check on my Atom but away from home, so trying to remote troubleshoot!


Classic FM works fine. She probably needs to find it in the search, then re-save as a favourite.

That will be a job for me when I next see her :wink: thanks for confirming!

I have a different problem with my ND5. I have 3 radio stations in my favorites: my local PBS WETA, WQXR in NY, and BBC4. however, whatever I choose, BBC4 plays. previously I could get the other two (although over Christmas none worked) so I don’t think I have set up the system incorrectly. any thoughts on ho to fix this?


bethesda MD USA.

If you try to play a station that isn’t working, you often find that the last iRadio station you played starts up again instead. I’m guessing that’s what you are experiencing here?

As discussed elsewhere, are you using presets or favourites that you have saved in the Naim app? If so, delete them, search for them again in the iRadio input, and if they work, save them again.

thanks very much. that worked