vTuner on NDX2/Naim app?

Trying to get some internet radio stations on my NDX2. I was able to do this on my HDX so I’m not totally without some grey matter! The NDX2, however, eludes me. I go to naim.vtuner.com and log in with my MAC address but everything is blank. The only option appears to be to go to vtuner .com, copy a couple a station name, go back to naim.vtuner.com and paste the name in. Surely there’s a better way (browse stations, etc)?

I asume you’ve already browsed all the countries & genres listed in Naim iRadio?.

Are you saying you want to add stations that aren’t in the current catalogue of stations available in the Naim app? If you haven’t added any stations under your MAC for your NDX2 you won’t see any stations there. I might not be understanding what you’re trying to do.

It’s easier than you think. You look in the Naim app at the home screen for the NDX2 and then select “Internet radio” and you can explore from there.

Not sure I understand exactly what your problem is, but here are a few suggestions:

Have you created a vtuner login for the NDX2? They are device specific, so if you set one up using an HDX MAC address it won’t work.

Have you not looked in the Internet Radio input on the NDX2? There are thousands of stations there, although it can be a bit tricky to find a specific station.

One advantage of the 2nd gen. streamers is that unlike the servers and 1st gen models, there is a global search that includes radio stations. So to find a specific station just type in the name. This is on the app homepage, no need to open the iRadio input.

OK, thanks, figured it out. Don’t have to use vTuner at all! The trick part (without the benefit of instructions of any sort from Naim) was transferring the connected station to the favorites list. Apparently, you press “star” to do that.

Yes. That’s because you are favouriting that selection.

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