Wacken 2023

Anybody watching the live streams?


Oh? How do you locate those please?

And…what is it?

Google for “Wacken live stream 2023” and take it from there. There are two streams. One is for the “Harder” and “Faster” stages (they are the “main” stages, and are located side-by-side and switched from one to the other), and the second is the “Louder” stage.

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OK, thanks. Googled…
A ‘metal’ fest.

I am :smiling_imp:

Daughter#2 & friend, and daughter#1’s partner are all there……. in a sea of mud!


Wardruna tomorrow if its webcat.

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Yep they’re on the “Faster” stage, so you should be able to watch ‘em, after Iron Maiden.

@Richard.Dane Can I post the URL for the live stream? It’s freely available.

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An interesting contrast :wink: … best thing about festivals.

So long as there’s no commercial interest here then it should be fine.

Main stage(s) feed:

there’s a link on that page to the other feed.

Programme (running order) can be found here (note; times are CET)


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Its this - a music festival in Germany - mainly Metal…

Thats a lot of mud…

“Hows the sound… Its a bit muddy…” Sorry… :crazy_face: :grimacing:

Well these Megadeath chaps seem to be angry about something or other :joy:

Disappointed that they’re not streaming tonight’s Iron Maiden - we’re getting snippets from older Wacken sets (2008, 2010 & 2016).

Hopefully, the girls will be getting their fill onsite :smiling_imp:

Update: They did!

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Yeah and no Wardrunna either… ho hum… such is life.

I guess the most famous bands want to make their own recordings and avoid bootlegs. There may be edited highlights later.

Dropkick Murphys close on the Faster stage 00.15- 1.30 tonight.

The girls went to the start of their set, but crashed out……

So four solid days of streaming (by Mum & Dad) of some great metal.

Daughter Report: Lots of mud, but the weather was “”in the main”” kind!

Two of the girls are now back in the UK tucking into Chilli made by dau#2’s partner, the third gets back tomorrow morning.

What the h3ck are we going to do now for live music!

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