Wait NAIT XS2 - Sound coming out of multiple Inputs?

Hi all can you let me know if this is usual? I have recently purchased a NAIT XS2 and love the power it offers compared to my AV Receiver. I have a Limetree Network Streamer connected by RCA to the HDD input and a Shinola x VPI Turntable (with Phono Stage) connected to the Aux 1.

Sound is terrific but when I switch to an ‘unused’ input such as CD and turn the volume up to say 50% I can faintly hear the Streamer.

Is this usual behaviour - views / thoughts welcome

Yes, that’s normal and nothing to worry about.

Thanks @anon4489532 will that only happen with unused inputs I.e. ones without any RCA inputs attached.

No idea, but whatever, it’s fine.

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