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I am looking for suggestions for two wall mounted brackets and shelves that are not silly money. They need to be deep enough to hold my pre and power amps so 36cm deep by 43cm wide. I looked at invisible brackets mounted on the brick wall but the shelves would then need to be 35mm thick. Ideas welcome. A not too in your face regular bracket and laminate shelf (like on the tripod) would be ok.

This is why…
I’ve just added a subwoofer to my 172 , power amp and Linn Kans and it’s made an impressive difference.
I know have a furniture problem. To home the subwoofer I have to get rid of my Tripod racks, so now my power amp and 172 sit on top of the SW.

Build a rack that has enough clearance for the sub to sit under the bottom shelf or buy a rack with removable shelves that you can take a couple of the bottom shelves off would be one option.

You can get invisible wall mounts that can take thinner shelves or I made some out of a 20mm benchtop and just used a couple of 10mm Ramset anchors into the block wall - run a threaded bar into each anchor and then slide the shelf on. (Drill out the shelf to suit the bar diameter)

Use a cool looking U bracket to support both shelves and make the bracket a feature of the overall unit.

Just a couple of thought on it anyway

eBay might provide 2 Rega turntable wall shelves for about £100 each - it depends on the definition of ‘silly money’ of course…

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Search for “ladder turntable wall shelf” and follow the first option that looks hifi related. It’s a two shelf support that could hold both 172 and power amp.

I would wait a see what you think of the Subwoofer after some time,I have never heard a Subwoofer that can time with Linn Kan’s.

Many thanks for the replies.

  1. Yes, I was thinking of a frame made from two L shaped sections, connected at the rear possibly made from steel or wood. Ideally I would be able to base it on something that already exists like a floor mounted TV stand. This almost fits the bill if there was a bigger gap between the two tables. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08XC7PJ4P/ref=sbl_dpx_uk-end-nesting-tables_B07VNPSTD4_0?th=1

  2. That would appear to be the simplest option but I’d probablyt use an invisible bracket and 20mm thick shelves

  3. I’m having trouble finding any that would fit the bill and self-manufacturing them is not an option.

I want to stay below £100 for both brackets.

Over budget I am afraid. I did look to see if non turntable options would be suitable but I was unable to find any.

That is easy, I tried the system with the SW off and it really does work well with the Kans by filling in the missing low frequencies.

Wow ! Which Subwoofer is it ?

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BK Electronics P12-300SB

Fantastic ! I didn’t even get the Naim nSub to play in time with Kan’s.

The recycled kitchen tops were cut to size, drilled for the invisible brackets and shaped to allow cables behind. £100 for these including fitting.

4 x 250mm Brackets came to £27. Secure but the build quality was so-so. Welds were a bit too large and they needed to the straightened. From https://www.bespoakinteriors.co.uk

Happy with the end result.


Nice one - looks great

Thanks. I’ll get round to making the cables less obvious. I’m thinking of plastic tubing painted the same colour as the wall.

I have my Rega P10 on its wall bracket which is attached to a plasterboard stud wall. I’m thinking this is actually sub optimal due to the plasterboard effectively acting as an amplifier of vibration which goes back into the bracket and the deck. My dealer had a similar view. Has anyone done a comparison between a plasterboard mounted Rega bracket and a dedicated stand / table for the deck? Just interested if anyone noticed a material difference.

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I’ve always understood that the big disadvantage of a stud wall of this sort is that using a heavy wall shelf (or more likely a heavy turntable) will mean that one day gravity rips it off the wall. It’s hard to imagine your Rega P10 doing that.

To test, can you borrow a good rack (Fraim?) from a mate for a few hours? Set it up on the floor nearby and try the P10 on that. If the two options sound identical, you can probably stop wondering about the stud wall impinging on your SQ.

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