Wall switch

Hi, I need advice on wall switch…
I am planning to have 6mm wire for my Amp, but my electrician told me using 13a wall switch may cause problems to the switch, he claimed that the wire current is too strong for 13a, he advise me to use 15a switch, but 15a switch is not suitable for naim power line.
He also advised me to change circuit breaker from 20a to 13a for safety reasons.
Please advise, thanks in advance.

If it’s for the main socket to your hifi then it’s best to have no switch. :+1:t2:

It depends on where you live and the regulations in place in your country. In the U.K. you’d use a 13 amp socket, but it will be different elsewhere.

I can’t get unswitch socket here in Malaysia.

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I live in Malaysia, according to the electrician, it’s safety concerns.

Ahh OK
That simplifies the suggestion. :thinking: :+1:t2:

Just make sure the electrician is appropriately qualified and then follow their advice.

If you were in the UK, then the advice your electrician is giving you is incorrect. As we dont know the rules there, I would also speak to anther electrician.

In the UK, the fuse is there to protect the cable. So a 20amp breaker fuse for your 6mm cable would be acceptable. Then you have 13amp fuses in the plug tops to protect the cable going to the appliance. Can’t advise where you are though

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In Malaysia similar to Uk, same sockets, plugs, fuse boards (consumer unit) and voltage. On fuse board MCB which needs to be RCD protected 20amps. 6mm cable. You can get unswitched sockets in Malaysia. You may need to order them. Don’t think your electrician is right. And not sure you have explained to him or her like this either. With minimal research I have managed to find all this out.

Possibly do some research and get different electrician. You want as a minimum 1 double socket.

ESL lighting Malaysia sell unswitched double sockets Schneider Pieno 13amp 250v.

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I have been searching for unswitch socket since my electrician told me he can’t find it, however I have managed to find twin unswitch socket from other country.

Just did a google search for “ESL lighting Malaysia double unswitched socket” and found one

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Have you searched the information I gave you? Have you been to an electrical wholesalers? Try to speak to other electricians for advice. You need to research this a bit as if you don’t have aome knowledge you may not be telling the electrician what you are after. @GadgetMan found it on site I suggested.

Ok I would get another quote. If for a reason they also he you need to use a 15 amp plug, then those are not fused… so you might need to adjust the fuse/circuit breaker at the consumer unit.

15 amp plugs and sockets in the UK are rare for domestic situations… and more common in workshops etc.


I have brought the unswitch socket from overseas, but it is good to know the info.

The electrical work is part of the renovation package, so can’t change it now, but the electrician will install the 13a unswitch socket.

Ok yes, 13 amp sockets are usual in domestic situations.