Want to replace HDX with?

My HDX is about at the end of the road unfortunately. The N-Serve APP has been locking up far too often recently. Is the CPU/HDD or similar is on its last legs ?

It’s been lovely to use, but it’s time to move on. Suggested replacement ? I’m thinking Innous ZEN Mini and the matching ZEN mini LPSU ? It’s at my budget limits and to be able to use Roon on it , is the icing for me.

I’ve downgraded to a headphone only system now, about to get a Chord Hugo TT2 and want a similar OK source for it, but not crazy money either. I’ll go either optical or
coaxial out of the ZEN mini into the HTT2, and use Roon that way.

How painful is moving my stored WAV files onto the ZEN ? Or do I need to convert them all to FLAC first to make it work ?

Yes you must convert to FLAC before you move them out of HDX as they are formatted in the unique to Naim WAV format & can only be played on a Naim player.
Once they are in FLAC & loaded to another storage devise they can be played as FLAC or converted to the MS/IBM (normal) WAV stnd format, these can then be played on any WAV capable player, including a Naim

Ah, cheers. Well a few days of WAV to FLAC conversion coming up then.

You can keep on using the HDX while performing the WAV to FLAC conversion. It just slows down a bit …

I have a Zenith and TT2 at present and it’s a lovely combination.

You should certainly convert to FLAC as suggested, but as you say, it’s a slow process. With a large library I would do it in batches, maybe by genre. In theory you can carry on using it while it’s converting, but in practice I find it’s less likely to grind to a halt if you set it to convert a batch, perhaps overnight, then another until you are done.

Most excellent suggestions, thank you all.

This is why this hifi community is second to none for helping people out.

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