Warm speakers for naim atom

The evokes are, I had the 10 and they are quite restrained in the top end

I doubt it. Mine are on wall brackets in the very small room I use as an office and I get no boom whatsoever.

My only concern would be that Iotas are not very sensitive and the Atom is not the most powerful amp around, so not ideal for party volumes in a large space. Otherwise, though, hard to beat and specifically designed I believe as a speaker for small all-in-ones, such as Unitiqute, the Atoms predecessor.


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Yes. Rarely play overly loud at our house

Spendors to me sounded awful with the Atom, neat did not fair well, the Iotas where better than the sx but lacked the low end completely. I tried about 10 different bookshelves for my Atom, I ended up with ProAc Tableltte 10 Signatures for me best of the bunch. I did like the Dali Rubicon 2 as well but where more than I needed and more expensive.

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What about a second hand pair of Royd bookshelf speakers?

Old Sonus Faber Concertino
Harbeth P3ESR

Neat Majistra

Plus one vote for Spendor 3/5, 4/5 or 3/1 depending on the room size and position

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Exactly what I found


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Harbeth M30 - VERY WARM, rolled off in the treble
Harbeth M30.1 - warm
Harbeth M30.2 - warm to neutral
Harbeth P3ESR - warm
Harbeth C7ES3 - warm to neutral
Harbeth SHL5 - warm with loose uncontrolled bass
Harbeth SHL5+ - neutral to slightly bright with tight defined bass

Reference speakers which sound brighter

  • Dali
  • B&W
  • ATC

If you want warm, go with the old Harbeth M30. To me, it sounded too warm, more like dead.

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Avoid Wilson Benesch!

I love them but I have never heard them described as warm!

Highly recommend a listen, also the Lumina II

defenetely look for some sonus faber, any model from electa to concerto to concertino, warm and pleaseant with naim!!!

Which ones? There is a huge sound difference across their range.

A1 which is the same price range as the ProAcs

Thanks Crystal.
The speakers I recommended to the op were in the Classic range which Spendor themselves describe as being more popular with listeners who prefer a warmer sound.
I stress of course different ears, systems, rooms etc


Also another vote for Sonus Faber👍


I use Harbeth P3ESR XD with an Atom in a smaller home office. It is very balanced and great for extended listening while working. If “warm” means not harsh, then they meet that definition.

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…lets see a picture of your Atom & Harbeth P3ESR XD over in the system pictures thread.

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