Warranty question

Received the January Naim newsletter. I was looking at buying an x demo Unitistar from an authorised dealer which says I can register and get the additional 3 years warranty? The update warranty statement in the newsletter reads like I can only get the remains of a 2 year warranty? Can anyone clarify? Thanks

You are the original purchaser and your dealer will not have registered the product for warranty, so you should get the extended 3 years, giving a total of five years. If in doubt call Naim or get it in writing from your dealer.

Thanks Gazza. The extract below is from Naim newsletter which, your right, I need clarified from the dealer and Naim!

‘In the event of a change of ownership during the product’s life, only the basic two-year manufacturer’s warranty will be transferred to the new owner. Please note that proof of original purchase must be
provided. Transfer of ownership must be within the country of original sale.
• Extended warranty is non-transferable.

Demonstration products:
• Demonstration product warranty will begin from the day of arrival at the respective retailer and will be subject to the same criteria as detailed above.
• Demonstration products are not eligible for extended warranty.
• The remainder of the standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty can be transferred to the end user
if sold within an initial two-year period of arrival at the respective retailer. No additional warranty will be provided to the end user.’

I tried to find this…yes you definitely need it clarifying.

Looks pretty straightforward to me.

You get the remaining part of the basic two year warranty from Naim.

Perhaps the dealer is willing to fund an extended period whereby he will pay for repairs for three years plus the currently used part of the first two years.

Yup. Seems a bit stingy of Naim given that your still paying out around 3k for a showroom product though!

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