Warranty registration

is there a problem with warranty registration? I’ve tried twice to register my nova on phone and laptop and no automated response.

It’s 2-3 years back, but when I registered my current kit I didn’t get responses and the message was that they aren’t sent.

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I had this a couple of weeks ago and called Naim. They have a glitch in their system, whereby if you’ve previously registered a product you don’t get an email back to say that subsequent things are registered. Like you, I tried twice, and my Nova was registered twice, so you’ll be the same. It’s a bit rubbish and they need to sort it out.

It’s reassuring to get the email back to say that the five year warranty is in place. I registered my speakers with PMC at the same time - a 20 year warranty - and got an email back within minutes, which is how it should be.

I remember registering my Linn Kans, back in 1983, when it was all done by post and you got to write things on the reply slip. I must have said something nice because I received a lovely Linn sweatshirt a few days later with a handwritten message hoping it would keep me cosy during the winter. As a PhD student living in a very cold flat, it was much appreciated. Imagine if Naim did that today, but sadly we don’t even get an automated response.


ok thanks gents - ill leave it be then and assume all ok.

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That’s useful to know Nigel, thanks. I tracked down the previous conversation, and it looks as though the glitch has been around for a few years.

On a different note, I spot from your ‘seating position’ picture and profile you’ve got a Nova and PMCs. How are you finding it? After several years I’m still impressed by how good the Nova is in such a small form factor.

Absolutely great thanks. Easy to set up, easy to use, and sounds lovely. The speakers were initially nothing like as good as the three year old demonstrators I borrowed, but are opening up very nicely.

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Well, it seems there IS a problem, based on the Posts above. And it dates back several years.

Come on, Naim. Fix it…!!!

They probably do, but you have to prove impoverished PhD student status to qualify for the branded jumper (white logo).

You do get a message at the top of the screen don’t you?

Yes gut that and screen shot it.

Sorry, but Naim seem to really suck at this type of service, or lack of.

If my memory serves me well, that 2019 discussion I linked to above roughly coincided with statements that the website was undergoing a major rewrite. I don’t think that project ever completed, I wonder if the glitch in the acknowledgment of registration was one of the things that didn’t get fixed because they were meant to be swept up by that. (I seem to remember that things like the 272 not being marked as discontinued were due to waiting for the website revamp.)

That’s really reassuring to know because I had the same issue when I registered my stuff. Since I previously registered the uniti atom I must have gotten caught in the same bug.

The website bit was written by the website guy which is basically a one man band, but not sure if he’s still involved. That used to then send data to efacs. So your data is then held in the erp system; I think it was then efacs that sent back the email. Efacs was supposed to be retired in 2020. So really not surprised it doesn’t hang together anymore.


I tried to register two products (282/250DR) this week and got no email confirmation although there was a screen pop-up thanking me for registering.
It would be really handy if product owners could query their registration(s) online to ensure acceptance and registration end dates.
@Richard.Dane , would you have a contact in Naim who can clarify the current situation? Thanks in advance for any support.

The current situation is as I wrote above. If you’ve previously registered things, you don’t get an email on subsequent registration. They need to sort the system so that it sends them. It’s not been working right for a while, which is pretty rubbish really, especially given the price of the items and the cost of repairs.


Yup. Its apparently been like this for a number of years…

I would suggest an email to Naim support, probably best made after the long Easter holiday weekend.

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