Watch straps - what are your style preferences?

There are at least a couple of current threads on watches …but I don’t recall ever seeing one on watch straps. Of course straps feature in the watch threads, but other than occasional side chat they are not the prime focus. And while sometimes straps are integral to the watch, often they are not, whether chosen as one of several options at the time of watch purchase, or chosen as an aftermarket purchase.

In my case leather watch straps were all I was aware of when I was a kid, but in young adulthood some people were sporting metal straps, and for my first in mid 1970s I was pleased to find something nicer to my eyes than the then becoming common chunky stainless steel. Since then I’ve only worn metal, disliking leather’s appearance and deterioration factor.

Gold plated bracelet on digital watch from mid 1970s, which for some reason I have been reluctant to part with though not worn/used for probably 30-35 years.

Woven titanium strap, holding together well after maybe 17 years of near daily wear: the watch I wear whatever I’m doing, as witness the marks from numerous knocks and scrapes. This was a gift, not my choice, and I was ambivalent at first but it grew on me.

Stainless steel and gold (plate) two-tone bracelet on my chunkiest watch. Also a gift.

Stainless steel and gold (plate) two-tone bracelet on my most elegant watch - I love the non-linear links and the subtlety of the gold accents, and lusted after this for some 20 years before justifying to myself the cost of buying (secondhand).

All a matter of personal taste, of course. So what’s yours?

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Leather all the way for me.

Crocodile and Calf for my special occasion watch.

A £10 strap from eBay for my daily user. Unbelievable supple leather and top quality austenitic stainless steel metal work.


A few watch straps I swop out from time to time, depending on the season and the occasion.

First up the classic 14060 Submariner with its indestructible 93150 bracelet made of 904L Steel with end links. The bracelet features a handy diving extension.

Another tool watch (AQUASCAPHE) fitted with a 60s classic beads of rice bracelet 316L Steel.

Same watch again fitted with a classic Tropic Black rubber strap scented and also fitted with NATO strap.

I will post again later with some pictures of some leather and some more steel bracelets.

I like the shell cordovan strap on my Nomos.

I recall my dad having an expandable metal strap on his watch in the 1960s - like James Bond.

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