Way too small font on iPad Mini


the new forum feels quite modern an I think I like it so far. But: On the iPad Mini the font is so very tiny, that it is really hard to read. Unfortunately you cannot resize the page to make the font bigger. Also there is no option to choose a bigger font size. This is a big drawback.

On my Android phone BQ Aquaris X2 the font is bit bigger and therefor readable. But if I do not have my glasses at hand I‘d wish to resize the web page here, too.

So for better accessibility the font should be bigger, or resizable, or the whole page should be resizable.


Go to Preferences>Interface & you will find a box to adjust font size


Ah! Thank you very much for pointing me into the right direction. I already had a look to the prefs but could not find the option before.


I almost gave up using the app on my iPhone XS Max due to the small font size. So glad I read your post. Set font to max and now I can actually read the text without getting eye strain.

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