Webradio issue with SU

Hi everybody, this morning, I encountered an issue with playing webradio stations on my SU & I was wondering if any of you can point to a possible solution:

First of all, I seem to have a working network connection (LAN) as I was able to play both TIDAL streams and content on my NAS via PnP. SU uses the most recent software version.
And I have pulled the LAN cable and switched off both the SU and my router.

This is what happened: My SU was not switched off, I simply ended streaming the web radio station I was listening to last night. This morning, when I reconnected the same stream, it played allright, but when I switched to a different radio station stored as No. 1 in my presets, there was silence.

Walking over to the SU, I found the display to read “01 station search” (I have translated the german word for what I think is the English equivalent). After about 20 secs it switched to the name of the radio station and “buffer = 10%”. This did not change for what felt like another 20 secs, and step by step, we reached 100% (but no signal output, though the volume was at 27). The display then changed to “name of the radio station” and “connecting”, and then said to press “play” to reconnect. I did, but the SU didn’t. It showed the radio station, but there was no audible signal.

Are there any suggestions, or do I need to bring the SU to my dealer?

Thanks: Clemens


I don’t know if this is connected but Vtuner was down this morning on Auralic devices.

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Thank you, Richard. This comes as a great relief. Cheers from Zurich: Clemens

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