Weirdest Dad?

Am I the world’s weirdest Dad?

My teenage daughter is playing her Spotify playlist through the main rig in the living room.

I’m enjoying her tastes in music and have asked her to turn it up!

Depends what her taste is as that will determine the degree of weirdness.


I spy in on what my daughter listens, and she doesn’t know where to look when I switch on Lana del Rey or so.

My son though is at age 16 listening to classical music. He whistles Bruckner themes …

A nerd like his father.

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Surely the only weird bit is using Spotify?


She doesn’t know where to look ? It means she likes it or is bothered ?

All Dads are weird.

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Americans would call it awkward. I’m awkward, the situation is awkward and when she’s grown op she’ll do it completely different.

That look :slight_smile:

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Oi, I resemble that remark.


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Told ya. QED



I was weird before I became a dad.

Long, long before in my case!

I have been taken music recommendations from my daughter since she was in high school (teenager), now in her mid-40’s and still recommending winners.