Weirdest diffuser ever

Have to replace a radiator in my room, which is on the wall to the side, and in front of, the right hand speaker.

Aesthetics are a part of the consideration, as is impact on the sound. Originally was going to go for large flat modern planar one, but realised I was putting a strongly reflecting surface at the first reflection point.

Considering this instead:

on the basis that the surface will offer diffuse reflections and so should interfere much less with the sound.

Anyone had related or similar experiences?

As a diffuser I suspect it is limited, but better than a panel rad. Looks nicer than a panel rad, too, and possibly more efficient (especially in black or a dark, matt, colour)…

Guessing, but I would think that would work rather well at scattering sound.
Good idea. :+1:t2:

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