Well done John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin has just offered his latest album download for free, in the light of these crazy times. Good on you John :+1::clap::+1:


I last saw McL at the RFH with the brilliant “4th Dimension”.

He told us at one point that “there is an eternal being who loves us and has a plan for us”.

I felt an urge to yell “Well don’t you think it’s about time he f***ing started it?”



Lovely album it is too - very different. Grows on you. I’m glad I had bought it when it came out.


Yes it is a lovely album, had a quick listen & got straight into it, if it grows then so much the better
The download is MP3 so maybe it will be a hi-res purchase sometime soon

Mike - you might want to check your download choice as there is a whole range to chose from - 16/44 Alac was mine…

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??? … err … struggling with this.
The link on his website to the free download offer is a zip with MP3 only. I’ve looked around & see the for sale stuff in the shop.

Ah-ha, got it!!! The various format selections are on his Bandcamp site


New to me … enjoyable nevertheless

I’m struggling to hear John Mclaughlin on this album. :sunglasses:

I have already bought it some weeks ago. Good album for sure.

Try McLaughlin & Santana ‘Love Devotion Surrender’, completely different to this thread subject album, but it’s total genius guitar, jazz, mex, fusion, an awesome guitar duo odyssey.

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My favorite JM Laughlin : Mahavishnu orchestra from 1973/ 75 ( the inner mounting flame and apocalypse). Electric guitarist ( 1978). Live at the Royal Hall ( 1990). Live in Boston and Live in London. ( Recent albums).


Or JM on this album - just rips it apart.


This is a fantastic Album!
Bought it weeks ago!
Thoroughly Recommended!!
Nice Gesture from JM

Tribute To Jack Johnson with the Great Dave Holland holding down the bottom end. Mile’s Horn Floating stratospherically, JM in compliment, JDJ & BC on drums, HH & CC on keys, BM on Clarinet…
Recorded February 18 and April 7, 1970, at (CBS_30th_Street_Studio) in New York City.
One of Miles Best Ever Albums.


If you haven’t got it already try the Miles album Get Up With It which contains his masterpiece He Loved Him Madly

Also Big Fun and On The corner are essential studio albums from this period.


I have just about everything from the period…
I love Miles and have huge amounts of his recordings inc bitches brew various versions.
Jazz is Life

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Hi Mike, If you have not seen their last concert together “life divine “ from Switzerland…its on youtube, well worth watching these masters of the guitar as well as listening.

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Not to forget too John Mc Laughlin on first Stanley Clark albums. Stanley Clark ( 1974) and the must « Journey to love » ( 1975)
On Gary Husband / Dirty and Beautiful / vol 1. Fantastic solos here.

One of my absolute favorite artists. Lovely album.
For other fans, please do not forget this album with 3 recordings of McLaughlin in 1963 at an age of 19.

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