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Kaisa's Machine
(Taking Shape | Kaisa's Machine)
“The music is vibrant, moving, immediate, and subtle… A beautiful album.” Le Soir “
The bass, instead of being a routine component of the rhythm section, has become the main compositional voice of the group.”DownBeat
"This is so well recorded that turning up the volume knob significantly never makes the music too loud, only more intense. With this release, an impressively good album has been added to Carmen’s discography. My suggestion is to buy both part one (Up Jumped The Devil) and part two (Stones in My Passway as they don’t fall short of each other and only become more precious with time.” ‘JazzFliets’ "This album deserves recognition as one of the best vocal albums released in 2023. If you’re a blues fan, get this album. If you love female vocals, get this album. If you simply enjoy great music-making, get this album. Positive Feedback, USA

(Brushfire Fairytales | Jack Johnson)
“Jack Johnson’s 2001 debut has been remastered by Bernie Grundman from the original analog tapes. Includes bonus live material “


Yes +1 ! mastered by Sound Liaison engineer Frans de Rond.. That guy really knows what he is doing.


Terrific album, had the privilege of seeing her at The Hay festival last year, spellbinding.

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This is a very early Carmen Gomes Inc. album, released in 1997, her 2nd I believe from the info on her website, but all the ingredients are already there. It’s an album I often put on.

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