WH Phantom vs Tellurium Q Black II

Anyone tried these and can describe the differences? I can’t use the NACA5 as they are just too inflexible.
I would use them with a Nait XS3, ND5XS2 and Proac DT8 speakers.


Can’t help with the comparison but, there is a certain online shop that will give you 60 days returns on cables. Makes it easy to try and see if you like something or, swap out with an alternative.

They also offer good advice based on your system if needed… normally someone will call back as it’s not the person that picks up the call… at least, not to in my case anyway.

It would be handy to know which shop that is or is it not allowed to name it here?

Not sure if I can provide a link but If you google the word future and cables together it should narrow it down! I.e, it should be top!

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What I can say, is I did have the TQ Blacks (not the IIs) and I did like them. If you are into more detailed mids, maybe look at the TQ Silver II’s if you can. They are extremely good. Good bass, the highs aren’t harsh at all but the mids really open up and provide a lot of detail.

Anyone else that can chip in on this?

I would really love to hear some opinions from people who have tried both of these cables. I quite like the Tellurium Black II but they could use a slightly bit more punch and clarity in my opinion.
Would the WH Phantom (or maybe the Epic X?) perhaps bring this to the sound ?

The reason these posts get little traction is you are expecting someone with the exact same system, setup and room as you to give an opinion. You could be in for a long wait. The only way is for you to try the cables out yourself and let your ears decide.

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