Wharfdale Linton Heritage


Does enyone have or heard these speakers?
I have Naim Supernait, an I’m wondered if that would be nice combination.
I like what I read about Lintons and I think I prefer that kind of sound more then, but I’m nosure how it will work with the Supernait.

Any thoughts?

I haven’t heard the reissue, but I have had a couple of pairs of the original XP2 and 3XP Lintons through my hands - one pair as a hand-me-down and another because I wanted something else but had to take the speakers as well to make the deal. I have to say though that I didn’t think much of the originals, so was surprised that they warranted a modern reissue. Hopefully the reissues perform rather better. They have a bit of the classical BBC look about them. Let us know how get on with the audition.

Only heard good reviews about the Wharfedale Lintons, and for the price worth a listen if you like the retro style. Another option if you like the retro option is the JBL 82L have heard these with a Naim system and they are special.

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