Wharfedale E30’s

Hi guys

A pair of practically mint Wharfedale E30’s just popped up on my radar.
One careful owner (my neighbour) for their entire existence (some 40 years I believe) with apparently really low mileage as he never really used them that much he says.
Does anyone have any experience of these speakers?
Does anyone have any advice regarding servicing?

They look really impressive (pictures below) and I potentially have a new home for them if they are worth the effort of getting them checked/serviced.

Thank you in advance for any comments/advice.

Best to try them in your own home.

They won’t be for me Gazza, I’m thinking of sorting them out as a substitute set for my Brother in Law, as I stole my Keilidh’s back from him yesterday🙃

Ah….of course……the old reviews are a bit hit or miss. I wonder if Nigel @HungryHalibut has come across these speakers.
What system would your brother in law use with them?

He has my Roksan K3 Integrated and K3 Power and will be using an Amazon Alexa to stream from.
I know, I told him he needs a better source and eventually we’ll get him sorted😂
PS… and he has my old Linn Genki CD player, which is ok but not great anymore🤷🏻‍♂️

Never seen them before. They look totally hideous.

There is a specialist company about these.
Just Google.
wharfedale e series
It’s the first hit.

Thank you for that @Skeptikal.
That’s exactly what I needed.
Makes me wonder why I didn’t do that myself​:man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Glad to help.
I remember them from late seventies early eighties.

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I have three memories of the E series, which were generally well thought of.

The first was Lasky’s using them on a daily basis with the store doors open, they were “loud”.

Then a pair of E50s given to the local youth club, they were loud enough for disco nights and robust enough to survive many years.

The most endearing memory was a pair in the open roof space of a beach cafe in Cornwall where we were introduced to Fat Freddys Drop. We returned from holiday and ordered all the CDs.

I wouldn’t say no if I was offered some and had the space.

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I have a pair of Celestion Ditton 25’s that are 50 years old, never touched (except for teak oil), and used on a regular basis. If they have been looked after and not stored in a damp place they should be fine.
You need to connect them and try them out. That is the only test.

Have you got to pay for them? Then if you need to have work done with the cost, packaging and transport it becomes a more dubious option. Good working speakers can be purchased at very reasonable cost.

If you Google “Wharfedale E30 specialist” there is a firm with lots of info about them.

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That’s a blast from the past. Didn’t they have fishnet grilles ?

Yep and almost entirely intact.
One tiny hole over one of the Bass drivers.

I’ve had a pair of these wharfedales through my hands before. Sound-wise they werent really my cup of tea. They play loud but they are rather uncouth with it and frankly I’d much rather have a pair of JBLs for party duty. However, they do seem to have a bit of a following and prices can be fairly strong. If you like them, go for it!

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I think this was the OP was looking for……thx

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Thank you for your impressions.
I will be plugging them in for a soundcheck in the coming days and I’ll call the previously mentioned specialists for there views.

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