What Amplifier?

What amplifier instead of naim qute not so expensive? Toslink would be an advantage but doesn’t have to be. I habe the T&A Stratos and i become Linn Katans, but i search for Naim Nsats.

Rega make some great price competive alternatives to NAIM integrates, Elec or Elicit depending on budget, I think the new elicit has both digital and analogue inputs including a MM phono…

Arcam SA30 for a different house sound and plenty of digital connectivety inc Streaming…

Hegel 190 maybe

Lots of options

The NAD amplifiers are good quality and cost less than their Naim equivalents . Even some less expensive ones have streaming modules that make them a one box solution. Just add your speakers. Eg NAD C368 Hybrid digital DAC amplifier.

Hmm thanks, i prefer Naim Amplifiers but its not easy :slight_smile: For 5 Years i have buy a naim uniti , bass was better as by Qute. And is not so expensive. 800 euro is my limit i think. I read the old nait 2 is very good?

Katans need some power to wake them up. They were quite good on the end of a CB250 but just ok on the end of a Nait 2. Source was '92 LP12.

In general, I’ve found that the earlier generation Tukans/Keilidhs work better with Naim, including the Nait 2. I would forget Majik 109s outside of a Linn or Lejonklou system.

Nait 2 is a wonderful amp but expect some hardship trying to find speakers that watch well. I’ve not tried nSats but they are quite popular with Nait 1/2.

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The original Supernait had a digital input and will drive more demanding speakers much better than the Unitis you are used to. If you can find one it might stretch your budget a bit, but presumably you will save some cash if you don’t need a separate DAC.


Supernait 1 can be found for around your price limit, if you can be persistent/ patient.

Another option would be 72/140 combo - a great match with your speakers.


The sn1 sounds interesting, there are around 1000 euros

Just be aware that the original Supernait was discontinued some time ago, so check the service history before you buy and budget for a service if it has never been done.
The later SN2 and 3 don’t have a built in DAC.

A service was done in 2021

Then it’s probably the ideal option.

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A great amp. Once funds permit add a hicap Dr and you are in serious territory.


@Ardbeg10y is right of course.

The SN is great by itself. With a Hicap (any version, if serviced), it was good enough to kill Naim’s lower grade pre-amp/ power amp combo (202/200), i.e. very good indeed.

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I have just bought one in very good conditions, it costed €1500 but it’s worth the money. The onboard DAC is very good - I use a TEAC VRDS-9 into it for CD replay. I’ve always appreciated it.
I don’t mean to promote what I have, but to me the SN1 is still a great bargain.


I can buy this serviced sn1 for 1000 euro with shipping. :smirk:

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Sounds like a good deal - make sure the servicing was done by a Naim authorised technician.

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He have make a recap

If not repaired or serviced by a Naim authorised technician then i would be very cautious in moving forward. You’d be miles better off in paying that little bit extra and accepting a well vetted example from a genuine Naim dealership. Best of luck in your quest.

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What you say to a 2015 superuniti? With bluetooth 1500 euro…

Alert: strictly my opinion only!
I bought a SuperUniti once - it seemed the right one-box choice. In my room, with the system/speakers placement I was forced to use, it sounded dark, dull, unrecognizably non-Naim… Powerful, that’s all.
The exact opposite of a SN. I resold it in a week.
Try to listen to one though. Ears and rooms are all different.