What are these?

Having a tidy today and came across these. What are they and should they be plugged into anything? Ndx2/282/hicap/300 user grateful for somebody pointing out something I should probably already know. Thanks

They are 5 pin Link Plugs. Usually used when not powering a pre-amp with a dedicated power supply - i.e. straight off the supply inside one of the smaller power amps.

Keep them as one is probably a part of your NAC282 which one them plus a paddle link. Place them in a bag inside the original carton, if you still have it.


Thanks Richard. That’s really helpful. As everything is working I assumed they weren’t critical in my config.

Richard, may I just take this opportunity to ask a further question regarding the 282 and link plugs.

I do not know what happened to the link plugs for my 282. I run it with a Supercap, so the link plugs have long since been disregarded!
However, I have a 202 with link plugs, somewhere.
Would these link plugs (both 5 pin link and paddle type) be compatible with the 282?

It’s just a question for any possible future reference…

Many thanks for any help!

I have no idea of the answer to your question, but I imagine that James Allney of TomTom Audio in St Albans may well have the link plug (just in case the need should ever arise).

Thank you!

Yes, both use a 4 pin paddle link and a 5 pin link plug.

Thank you!