What are you doing with your knob - and why should we be interested?


Time to LIBERATE the forum.

Lockdown loco…?


I don’t touch my knob. I only use the remote. You can’t be too careful.


Yes I just nudge mine with the remote.

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And remember to follow government guidelines:

  1. Using your remote control would be the preferred way of adjusting your knob, preferably from your armchair, thus ensuring that you adhere to the two metres social distancing rules.

  2. Ensure that any interaction between your finger and your knob must be for essential purposes only.

  3. Wash your hands with soap afterwards for the length of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.


My remote doesn’t work on my knob, (NAC 112) had it repaired/replaced and it managed to work for a couple of weeks then NACkered again. I have to twiddle my own knob.


My wife has banned me from the forum. She claims that I have spent more time playing with my knob than with her. Apparently I have neglected my duties and not given her much attention. She feels as though she is now part of the Naim widows club: a lonely place where neglected wives seek solace in each other. Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a blast but I need to save my marriage. Love and peace to everyone.


The reply to your last sentence would get me banned on the grounds of bringing politics into the forum …

I have an Atom on the way (I hope) which will sit on the desk in my study. This will give me easy access to my knob when I get bored and want to play with it.


Thank you all for your replies -

they have destroyed the little faith I still had in the forum.

Mines been twitching a bit lately.
Putting in new batteries seems to have sorted it.
I had been putting it off as my remote has screws to open it, and I have had trouble finding my little screwdriver in my drawers.


You have such a tiny knob, it’s adorable.

They do say size isn’t everything, although I’ve never fully understood what that really means.

I’ve heard it’s the motion of the ocean…

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My old knob had a rubber ring around it which offered responsive traction, and gave it a firm feel with pleasing friction.

My new knob is responsive from afar and has a silky smooth coating allowing it to glide more easily hands free.

I’m not sure if their girth is the same or indeed sometimes which provides the most pleasure.

Of note, that when fumbling around in the dark, the little flashing light on the newer knob helps one attain the correct position quite easily.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen that movie.

Possibly appropriately - Splash.

Not sure of the origin of the Swedish quote.