What book are you reading right now?


Just startet fourth part of the “kangaroo chronicles” written by Marc Uwe Kling, The “Känguru-Apokryphen”.
Like the other it is about a shared flat of a communist kangaroo, who claimed to have fought for the Viet Cong, and an artist. Book is split in several short stories, most of them are conversations between both while the topics of conversation range from media and language criticism to problems of state and capitalism, questions of faith, from the contemporary culture of protest to Karl Marx, Bert Brecht, the RAF (not Royal Air Force but German terror organisation Rote Armee Fraktion) … well, somehow about “God and the world”.
For those who like to question things that are around us with childish sometimes malicious sense of humor.
Written in german, don’t know if available in other languages.


Sounds interesting, I think I’ll get one.


This guy is great I had his audiobook of Qualityland, a book which I assume most of us can appreciate…


Hi Mulberry
I would recommend to begin with very first one of the triology, which is the “kangaroo chronicles”. It is better because the protagonists are introduced here, and there is some time series in.
Or you take the recommendation of BertBird and listen to Qualityland, even though it is a different story.


What are the consequences if the people given control over our government have no idea how it works?


Third book of 2019 already. Feeling quite pleased with myself.


I’m reading two bedtime books, depending on mood. ‘The Land of Painted Caves’, fictional, about our prehistoric past. The other, T E Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom,basically true story of WW 1 in the desert. Rich


Just starting…


Just starting…

Bert, if you are into Navy Seals stuff I recommend:



Thanks - but not specifically, I am just interested in the leadership lessons from the book. But thanks again for the tip.


Interesting, Bert. Leadership is less crucial in minuscule units of highly trained, independent and motivated individuals like the Navy Seals. I would look at the Marines instead. You could also watch just for fun the film with the same title: ‘Lone Survivor’. A fascinating story.


Let’s see. It’s this typical marketing and hype around these books. I am interested if it can live up to the hype. just read a rather long into with a lot of repeats…


Michelle 0bama - “Becoming” (2018)


I have the perfect book for you:


“The retired four-star general outlines a powerful model for leadership based on his experiences in fighting the War on Terror using present-day technologies and organic adaptability strategies.”

General McChrystal was the commander of the Special Forces (including Navy Seals) in Iraq and used innovative approach of mixing teams (Seals, Green Berets, Rangers, CIA, FBI) and sharing intelligence horizontally (instead of having different branches competing with each other) achieving great success. After being force out of the military by president Obama he is applying the same principals in the business world. I highly recommend the book.

A more recent book of his which I have not reads:




Thanks will definitely have a look,…



A fascinating book about the first British invasion into Afghanistan (1839-1842).


Re-reading this old classic:


Just got this from the library … not a bad example of the spy genre .


Finished Chernobyl. Now onto this. Very interesting and not a long read but I profoundly disagree with some of his examples and key points.