What bookshelf speakers to pair with Unita Nova?

Hi there,

Been relocated from Hong Kong to Toronto in Feb, sold the NDX2/282/250/Hi-Caps combo (coz they are 220V in HK) and bought the Uniti Nova here in Canada.

What bookshelf speakers would you recommend to pair with the Nova? I was thinking about the Tannoy Autograph Mini OW. Some recommended Harbeth P3ESR, Dynaudio Heritage Special, Elac BS 263… etc. Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.


A pair of Neats Petite’s.

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Have a look at the Totem range, made in Canada. Probably the new Bison bookshelves would be the best match. I run the Hawk floor-standers with my Nova.

The Neats Pete mentions are also well regarded.


Thank you Pete and Mike. Had Neat Elite SX before, experience was so so… Totem’s spec looks nice, will audition before concluding. Thank you.

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I have Harbeth P3esr a Nova with Powerline. It is very, very good with acoustics, voices, films, occasionally it shows up the flaw in the original recording , it’s that good.

Don’t expect low bass.

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I use a pair of PMC 25.21’s with my Nova and they are a fantastic pairing. As the speakers have an advanced transmission line they produce far more bass than you might expect for a small box

Atc scm11 with mine

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The Sonus Faber Minima Amator II are worth looking at, being designed to be used as bookshelf speakers as well as with stands, they look and and sound very good too.

Bookshelfs…if you mean they need to be placed on a bookshelf and close to rear wall, not many of above will be a good match.

If you can put them on stands and best distance to wall depending on size and furnitures in room.

Many people just recommend what they have, not always helpfull as your conditions may be very different, something you don’t describe.
In reality 99 out of 100 bookshelf speakers would match a Nova, personal taste varies, best to go out and listen yourself.

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I’m using a pair of lovely Dynaudio Special 40’s with my Unit Nova … very well recommended!


I run Dynaudio Heritage Special with my Nova. I am really satisfied and they also play incredibly well at lower volume. But you will get more out of them with some stands

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Descriptions of musical taste, room and budget would narrow recommendations.
That being said, many good options recommended :point_up:
If you find the Harbeths to your liking, I’d recommend taking a look at smaller Spendor Classics as well. I have a pair of 4/5’s + a Rel T5i sub and it plays music beautifully.

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If they will literally be on a bookshelf with almost no space behind them, Neat Iotas would be the first thing I’d try.

My girlfriend has the tiny iota Alphas with her Nova and it’s a brilliant pairing (as long as you can get 20cm space and don’t put them on shag pile).

All of the suggestions here - ATC, Spendor, PMC, Harbeth et al are good speakers too of course, and trying Totems seems sensible. What suits best will almost certainly be driven by room details and of course your own preferences.

Most important, please try at least 2 speakers in your actual room, not just at the shop!

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Thanks all for the recommendations, will check them out in some local stores. Cheers.

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If they are going “ON” a bookshelf then Dynaudio Emit 10s will do the trick.

Go for the original and best, the BBC-designed LS3/5A. I have bought a ‘Gold Badge’ pair from Falcon Acoustics in Oxford to complement my soon- to-be-delivered (I hope) Nait 50.


Linn Kan

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Good suggestion, also the Tukan might be an idea

The Kan was, I believe, Linn’s clone (or redesign) of the LS3/5A - my son still uses pair. I bought them off fleaBay in a fairly tatty state cosmetically, but sounding great. I very carefully filled a few dings in the veneer with wood filler, rubbed them down with glass paper, then applied two or three coats of matte varnish.

They still look look great today, with no obvious signs of my repair work, and combine exceptionally well with his piano black n-Sub.

Things have gone full circle, as I have recently bought a pair of Falcon LS3/5As to be powered up by the NAIT50, which I have on order,

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If “on” a bookshelf Neat Iotas.

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