What cable is this?

I’d like to know more about this bnc to rca!
Haven’t been able to find anything on it.

Deltron connectors, no other writing or directional markings.
Naim, Chord, something else?


That looks like something Chord would have made, using the same cable as “lavender”. Which they called “chrysalis”.
If it was a Naim made lead, it would normally have a makers band on it, which is why I’m suggesting it’s a Chord one.
How are you using it?

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I’d have said Chord Chysalis phono. Except the RCA plugs are wrong. Chrysalis used the same cable stock as Naim so perhaps it’s actually a Naim made cable for a turntable to phono stage.

[addendum] Your profile says you use a NAC32.5 so indeed I suspect this was either a Naim supplied phono cable for the phono 1 input or a very early Chord cable before that had their own plugs.

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Chord Chrysalis - early version. I had one, exactly like that - with those Phono Plugs.


Yes, early Chord cables used that type of Deltron RCA Phono plug.


A friend of mine obtained it buying a CB 160 a few years back. Couldn’t speak on its origin but that is likely. Thanks!

Makes sense, thank you.

Currently Phono 2 of a 32.5 to TT.

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