What ceiling speakers for Atmos?

Contemplating moving to Atmos in home cinema (different speakers/amp to Naim setup) and going for in-ceiling speakers (vaulted ceiling across room so can angle them correctly (as long as amp can correct for different distances as will be unusually far away). A setup with angles compatible with Dolby guidelines for 5.1.4 is easily doable. A second sub may also be added later. Amp will probably be the Denon AVC-X6500H or the AVR-3600H.

So the q is, what sort of in-ceiling speakers? Don’t want to spend a fortune, and so if £100 ones will do the Atmos effects fine then I don’t need to spend much more as I don’t want to play music through them… but no reviews out there that I can find which talk about them for home theatre duties, hence my q here - anyone got experiences/advice?

I’d try the B&W M1s; I enjoy a couple as raised back butts (front ProAc SM100 and central ProAc Center Channel) and are a delight. I have them on their feet, but I think they can be installed with a directional hanger, I do not know exactly if in the ceiling, but in the walls at the highest with orientation possible, sure.

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