What cocktail are you drinking? Tell us about it

A Negroni, just had a barbecue to make the most of the bank holiday weather in the south west. A nice, generously measured, negroni over a lot of ice with lemon shavings and a slice.


Might well have a bourbon over ice next.


Well I’m still at work but will be having my take on a Moscow Mule after returning home and finishing my evening walk.

.25 oz of Gran Marnier
1 shot St. Georges Green Chile Vodka
1 shot OHSO Jalapeno Vodka
Lime juice of 1/2 lime
top up with Fever Tree Ginger beer

Very refreshing for our sweltering summers here in the valley.

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Nice idea for a thread!

None today, and for a variety of reasons possibly not this w/e, though this thread stimulates desire!

Yesterday on the Alcohol free - trendy? thread I posted a recipe for Mojito, which works well both alcoholic and ‘virgin’. But next w/e will be different… I’ll try again at making pornstar martini: discovered at the London Cocktail Club last year. I’ve had a few tries, and made quite nice, but not yet as good as they did…

Most nights I have a cocktail (usually gin or rye/bourbon based), after turning off my computer (I’m a serious night owl). Currently partial to a De La Louisiane #4

1 oz. rye (High West Double Rye is my choice)
1 oz. sweet vermouth
1/2 oz. Benedictine
1/6 oz. absinthe
2 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

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Had an ‘English Negroni’ on Wednesday in Craft Dining Rooms, a new and very good Birmingham restaurant. Salcombe gin, Sacred English Amber vermouth, Sacred rosehip cup. Excellent.

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Avoid cocktails these days, stick to an cool beer or a glass of wine now and again but mostly my drink of choice would be water. Possibly boring, but I enjoy it.

Hemingway daiquiri.

1 oz grapefruit juice (about 1/4 grapefruit)
1 oz lime juice (about 1 lime)
1 oz either Luxardo or St. Germain liqueur
2 to 4 oz rum. Any rum works. I prefer Flor de Cana white rum.

Shake with crushed ice.


That sounds rather nice. Shame I’m not allowed grapefruit (not sure why).

There are several pharmaceutical drugs that have adverse interactions with grapefruit.


2 shots vodka
1 shot Kahlua
1 shot cream - although I prefer whole milk.

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It’s one of those but the information is scant on why not.

I have done it with clementine and orange juice, too. Any citrus works.

I switched to a younger doctor. I got off statins a few years ago and got on a road bike and two aspirins a day. All good per the blood work and the CAT scan.

I prefer a B52.

Grand Marnier

There are drugs other than statins that have adverse interactions with grapefruit. But regardless, I agree that exercise by cycling is good for health!

Me neither - Atorvastatin in my case, plus my calcium channel blocker, felodipine. Small price to pay for normal blood pressure (before anyone chips in, I cycle, do the gym 3/4 times a week, don’t smoke, do at least 2 x 5 mile walks per week, low fat diet, have normal BMI, no more than 15 units alcohol per week!). I’m just one of those unfortunates whose chemistry or plumbing isn’t quite right and needs pharmaceutical intervention.

Ditto; my father was a farmer and got hypertension at around 45. Same age I got it. I probably spend at least four or five hours a week in a gym mostly cardio work, I don’t run half marathons any more but I had high blood pressure when I did. For some of us it’s genetics rather than lifestyle.

Not so sure this is a cocktail however I am keen on decanting Stoli into another bottle, adding a quality black pepper (yup, some are better than others) chuck it in the freezer to sweeten it up. Then imbibe when needed.
Black Pepper Vodka. Gorgeous!

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This, I have to try!

I’m working on a passion fruit Margarita…it has potential but needs tweaking.

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