What did i expect from a 552?

I have had a really nice update to my system this week, i feel really lucky to have the system i have but i do work really hard, dont drive etc

Having had a 252 for ages and really enjoyed it, based on various reviews and what people have said i had come to a conclusion about what it might sound like in my mind, how wrong was i? its early days, only powered up this time yesterday. i will update with my playlist and my thoughts but this bit of kit has really surprised me so far.


Nice room, nice kit👍


Welcome to the 552 club


Its a nice club to be in.


Did you get 552DR? Did you have a 252DR?

Congrats on your upgrade, I am sure it is an awesome sounding system. I noticed you had Focal Diablo Utopias. How do like them? I currently have the Sopra N1s and have been thinking of upgrading to the Diablos or Sopra N2s. Any thoughts? Medium size room with the NC 300 series.

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thats it mate yea, i did think at one point to get a 552 none dr and to save some dosh but just saved that little bit longer

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Thank you mate, the first Focal speaker i ever bought was Sopra 1 a few years ago, iv always had Dynaudio but fancied a change, i bought them blind. i found them brilliant. i had a 252 and nap250dr at the time. when a pair of diablo utopia came up i thought to myself they look ace and if they sound anything like my sopra 1 i will be happy. honestly diablo utopia is the best speaker i have ever owned and heard really. of course im listening to my system as a whole. they are a bit smoother than the sopras but the detail is amazing, especially with vocals, pianos, live guitars etc. i would consider them if you like your sopras. i am looking at getting Scala utopia this year

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Assuming you have a balanced system with synergy, you’ll get superb insight into your music, an almost hypnotic presentation. Just sit back and enjoy.

Mate im so pleased where im at, its really surprised me today! i knew it would be good but this is next level. songs now make more sense than ever.

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Congratulations Damien. Superb system. Hope you are enjoying your 552 DR.

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Getting the Scala for the mid-range or you thinking to get more fuller bass?

Having the Dynaudio now I too am thinking either Diablo or Scala.

Or the TAD CE1TX :thinking:

Thank you mate, its so good!!!

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If the midrange is better then its a bonus but my thinking with the scale is a bigger scale, if they do what my diablos do but bigger then I will be very happy.

Quite sure you will like the scale. Scala should be designed to do that. Enjoy your upgrade when it comes :slight_smile:

Congratulations, great achievement. Enjoy…

Internet guy says…
Music is pure expression with sound. This is considered a priceless element of the human experience that has the power to transport the imagination and move emotions. Music also represents a shared experience such that an entire audience may understand and feel a song in much the same way.

I think it’s a bit more than that especially with a 552 at the helm!!!


@Damien0 How is the 552? :blush:

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Mate wow, such a brilliant bit of kit! Its very textured, smooth, ultra 3d sounding but anything with vocals are a whole new level. I meant to update this but been busy at work and just enjoying listening to music really. I dont feel like I need to do anything at this stage