What do all the numbers mean?

It might be useful to have an explanation of what the number to the right of a thread actually means. Can anybody explain:
What the regular number means?
What about when it’s in a circle?
Dull orange?
Bright orange?
In a circle and orange?
Two different numbers side by side?

Perhaps I’m just a bit dim, but all these variations seem a bit OTT to me.

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Which numbers are these Chris? I can’t see any on Safari.

What device, OS and browser are you using to view the forum?

Hi Richard, this is on iPhone XS/iOS 12.1.2
For example:

Ah, OK thanks Chris. The numbers relate to number of replies

Thanks Richard, what about the variations? Here’s another example that shows bright orange vs. dark orange…

I think the bright orange refers to a high number of likes per post (If you click on it in desktop version it comes up with an explanation box), but I’m not sure about the dark orange! I’ll check it when I’m next at my PC.

OK, got it. The dark orange has a box that says ‘This topic has xxx number of replies with a High Like to Post’ ratio, whereas the bright orange is a ‘Very High Like to Post ratio’.

For some of the numbers, hovering your cursor over them brings up an explanation.

And I believe the greyed circle is the number of replies since you last looked at the thread.

I can’t see this on iPhone, haven’t used it on desktop yet. No big deal, the forum is basically working well. Just thought some ‘how to use the forum’ info would be useful given that there are so many options compared to HoopLa.