What do people upgrade their Star to?

I am a happy owner of a Uniti Star for about a year now. I am starting to get curious where my next upgrade could be. Would be a Nova? Separates? Add an amp?

I am keen to hear the paths others have taken and their experiences.

I’ve had a Star since early January. It replaced some ageing Meridian boxes and I’ve been happy with the change. Sold the boxes bar the 556 power amp. Out of curiosity I hooked it up to the Star and it is staying put. Accidental synergy. I would describe the change as meatier presentation with stronger dynamics. It has greater control over my thirsty Dynaudio C 1.1’s which are also going nowhere!

The answer will depend on your budget, of course, and on how many boxes you want.
If you still want to rip CDs, you will need a computer, or a dedicated ripper such as the Core or an Innuos Zen.
You can add a power amp to the Star as a first step, but you should first decide if you want separates, including preamp, power amp and PSU. If that’s further than you want to go, no point in adding a power amp now, better to get an integrated amp, and then add a separate streamer. You could aim for ND5XS2/NaitXS or NDX2/Supernait.

I find the ripper on the Star to be average at best. I can use my Mac to rip. I prefer fewer boxes so I guess it is either I add a power amp to the Star, or move to a one amp/one streamer set up, or the Nova of course. Just curious about those who started from a Star and upgraded from there.

If I upgrade it would probably be to the entry level Naim Streamer and top level Nait or a NAP200 power amp. I used to have a naim separates system with hi cap and went to the star to cut down on the number of boxes so would not want go beyond two boxes. Well I say that now, who knows what I will decide in a year or so.

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