What DVD, Blu-ray or streamed film have you just watched?


Kind of a mix of a concert and documentary.

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A young Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans star in this 2007 sci-fi flick from Danny Boyle.

Excellent cinematography and even the effects still hold up.

Streamed from Disney+.


Original French version of Army of Shadows;


Entertaining slow paced dark comedy recently released on Netflix… Not many laugh out loud moments but a few chuckles nevertheless.


Cheating a bit as I havent watched yet but its on my must watch very shortly list, hopefully its going to be good.

The blurb from Prime;

Zero Gravity is a cinematic ode to jazz legend, Wayne Shorter, from executive producer, Brad Pitt and directed by Dorsay Alavi. Depicted in 3 portals, the viewer is transported into prolific periods of Shorter’s life and how through adversity, he grew to greatness, shattered the limitations of jazz, and became one of the most influential musicians and composers in American music.

Watched this in my cabin of all places whilst on a cruise through Norway. After a bit of over indulgence and late night retired to crash out and selected this.
The “true” and “unexaggerated” story of Al Yankovic. I thought it hilarious in its anarchic absurdity but fell asleep before it finished, I need to find it again.

Cracking Indie film - not sure how we missed it first time round - Oscar Isaac is superb. Be prepared for some (thankfully brief) grim but necessary Abu Ghraib scenes.


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A night in a lively New York restaurant.
Against the cooking buzz are scheming brothers,the bookmaker owner who is trying to save the eatery from a hostile take over. An invited detective and that guy who just sits the bar.
An engrossing, complicated story with apart from Danny Aiello many known faces as customers.
On Prime and an enjoyable hour and a half.
Independent production. Director Bob Geraldi.