What DVD, Blu-ray or streamed film have you just watched?

Thanks for the tip… will add to watchlists :+1:

Yup that’s James Bond playing a West Virginie safe cracker named Joe Bang.
The Logan family down on their luck decide to put things right by robbing a bank vault.
Channing Tatum (not so wooden)
and Adam Driver even if he is half an arm short is there for some war weary humour.
Soderbergh seems to specialise in these heist movies.
Good fun.

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Red Sonja

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 16.43.04

Tosh masquerading as well tosh, but sometimes that is what you want , an award winning film - if you include the Razzies

But much watchable than the bladder bursting Dune 2 (which needs a director’s recut)


Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

For some reason I have always given this a miss.

Loved it. Sellers(s) is brilliant.


A brilliant movie that I enjoyed watching a number of times.

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Such a great movie, watched a bit of it again the other day. It’s dated but unfortunately still relevant. Brilliant.

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Well if you think your mind and body can deal with Scarlett roaring around in tight body armour your sub woofer will thank you for the chance to expand its muscles.
Technically updating the original Manga (which I now have to find ) it’s a story telling of the introduction of IA into human forms. A world your grandchildren will probably have to confront.
It looks and sounds glorious on a decent screen and sound system.
Dinky 10inch tvs (oh why would I need bigger) will not capture its glory.

I watched on Bluray but it is streamed.


In the last 3 days I’ve rewatched Midway and American Gangster. Both great films…

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The last two films we have watched are these. Both are excellent films, but neither is what you’d call cheery.

Mrs HH has said that she wants a more jolly film next time, but because they come from Cinema Paradiso we never know quite what’s coming.


CP’s price rise and Royal Mail’s inabilities rendered this service unusable for me. Some days I might watch two filums.
I used to read a couple of reviews before adding films to my list.
Peter Bradshaw or those who maintain Roger Ebert’s site will fill you with either hope or dread.
WOB,Magpie,eBay or even CP’s unwanted titles are often better value and post free and the hospice shop benefits from blurays I do not keep.

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It is coming to the stage in West End towards end of the year with Steve `Coogan in the title role.

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I’m happy with the £12.99 a month, and Royal Mail has been really good so far, with films arriving and returning very promptly. Our Hospice shop no longer accepts CDs and DVDs, and I don’t want to have lots of stuff in the house.

What would be ideal is a site where you can stream all films, like an online video shop. As it is, the different studios seem to put films on different platforms and to subscribe to them all would cost an arm and a leg. We’ve watched some good films so far.

It’s looking that way for me too sadly. Until about 6 months ago RM were delivering discs pretty much consistently by the next day. Now however, we’re lucky to get one post delivery a week and the CP discs can take a week, sometimes longer to arrive. Royal Mail’s service here has gone to pot in the last year. The result is that Cinema Paradiso has become much less attractive now, which is a great shame.


Just finished. One of my favourites.


Our local library has a good selection of uptodate dvds which can be loaned for modest sums.

Sadly dvds are not for me with my large screen (I have a cinema room) and the library will not involve themselves in blurays. I resist the temptation to start buying 4K films.

Brilliant. Which version did you watch?

‘‘Twas the directors cut, that’s the long version. It was just a little bit too slow but remains a magnificent movie.

It showed up on Netflix and I had a conversation about wars this week with some colleagues hence I watched it once it showed up.

Sadly for my wife, all the kids like these kind of movies so she ends up watching bad stuff on her phone whilst the kids get proper education :slight_smile:

The fact that my kids seem to like good movies makes me really happy. It’s a sign that these teenagers will end up as proper grown ups eventually.

I must have watched this slick flick a dozen + times.
Every actor just seems to gell 100% into their character.
The storyline is a narrative and visual triumph over banal moronic sequencing of visual effects.
Bruce at his most “Bruceness” explaining the “Kansas City Shuffle” is a scene worth watching.

We watched Banshees of Inisherin on Wednesday evening. I put it in the postbox before going to bed, so it would be collected at 9am on Thursday. And today, Saturday, the next film is here. That’s how it’s been ever since we started with CP, and long may it continue.

Just re-watched for about the fifth time “The Sense of an Ending” (showing it to my Mum!!) and I have to say it’s probably the best movie I have seen in a couple of decades. It explores ageing as well as the inaccuracies of memory. It beautifully captures the feel of sixth form in a minor British public school, the intensity of first love and the way that those formative experiences and friendships haunt us for our whole lives.

The cast are absolutely magnificent - Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling, Emily Mortimer. It’s based on a superb Booker prize winning book and it’s one of those films that offers nostalgia, a huge amount of ruminations on life and explores the consequences of decisions we took 40 years ago inflencing the present. Broadbent plays the semi-retired owner of a store selling old Leica cameras, his love for them perhaps heightened by the fact that Veronica his first love (Rampling) gave him his first Leica.

If you want a movie that makes you think and reflect and that has enough subtlety to reward repeated viewings with deeper insight then look no further.

In my view a masterpiece, and as an aside is there a 50 year old woman in the world more adorable than Emily Mortimer?