What DVD, Blu-ray or streamed film have you just watched?

I agree. Like you, I thought Poor Things was much more enjoyable than I had anticipated.

Another film designed for the elderly and those who might search for romance at journeys ending.
A blonde statuesque,previously famous female star that featured in tv Westerns and a tiny Jewish leprechaun with 83 different voice overs search for a relationship.
Sharp,dry and unsentimental. Dealing with your date’s colostomy bag brought a smile.
On Prime.

The Big Lebowski

Deserved of a regular view.

Each time it provides a little gem - this time - hey that looks like Jimmie Dale Gilmore and yes it is Jimmie Dale Gilmore how amazing is that. Jimmie Dale Gilmore starring in The Big Lebowski.


My copy of the “Abyss” finally arrived this week. I say finally because like a lot of lovers of this film, the wait has been never ending for a Blu Ray copy. Why this never did get a Blu Ray release is anyone’s guess, but boy, it was worth the wait. The re-master to 4K is a visual feast as is the new Atmos soundtrack. If anyone is tempted to buy this, don’t go to the rainforest, it will set you back £40 to £45.
There is a very cool place in the Netherlands that retail it for £27, it will take the same amount of time to get to the UK anyway. Because the film does not have a BBFC classification, it can’t legally be sold in the UK. I’m glad that James Cameron stuck to his guns and refused to cut the rat scene, it is an integral part of the film and makes no sense to cut it.


Watched this last night, good film with a twist at the end.

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A big influence on Tarantino.

Rolling Thunder.

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Revoir Paris / Paris Memories. A story of how a woman who loses her memory after a traumatic incident gradually puts her life back together. A really excellent film and totally involving. In French, with English subtitles if required.


Last night I watched Sydney Pollack’s The Yakuza on Blu-ray.

I remember seeing it on TV many years ago, but to see again it properly in its wide aspect ratio was like seeing it anew. Robert Mitchum was as you might expect, but Ken Takakura was excellent as Tanaka Ken. Recommended.


If you liked this then you should definitely watch Tokyo Vice - both series on BBC iPlayer

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I do enjoy this film too. I first read the book in my teens, which sent me on a quest to find out about Japanese history & bushido.

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Dammit Richard,

You’ve got me spending money! Yes, I have ordered it, I am sure it will be rather better than my current 4:3 SD version.

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Utterly brilliant film from P&P - Roger Livesey and Anton Walbrook were never better


And Deborah Kerr. In my top 10. Keep coming back to it.


Bob Odenkirk stars in this fast paced action movie. We found it great fun watching. Never going to stretch your grey matter too much. Christopher Lloyd plays his crazy old Father (a type of role he is pretty much associated with). Lots of shooting and violence of all sorts.

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