What flac online radio stations do you listen to?

I am curious what hi def radio stations people listen to. I am not a fan of signing up for Tidal, or similar, for obvious reasons … but three are now nice radio stations with 24 bit rates etc … Would be nice to have a complete list from a group that has some depth of knowledge … or are you all Spotty and Nipple users?

Well it’s been quite a long time since I was a nipple user, but why is it obvious that you wouldn’t want to use Tidal, Qobuz etc. It’s a very cost effective way to access a huge music catalogue, and has increasingly become the norm for most music listeners.

What you can access depends to some extent on what streaming source you use. With the current Naim streamers you just go to the HiDef section in iRadio and choose from the list.

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Ah it is more about your data being sold, privacy, security, that kind of thing. I designed quite a lot of the internet in present form … and know the level of Chinese “social credit” systems that are on the way. I have no interest in being part of that really. :slight_smile: Which is a huge shame as many of those services are amazing.

I find radio broadcasts fine for background when I’m doing something that doesn’t require continuous full attention such as cooking. But for a serious listening session I want to chose the music myself and that’s also when SQ really matters to me. The exception is listening to a live broadcast and the FLAC broadcasts of the Proms a few years ago were exceptional but, sadly, that is a dead horse.


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It is completely different. :slight_smile: No payment and thus has no association with address, DoB, banking system tagging, real name (I built some of them), plus technical cookies etc … It is truly a night and day difference.

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