What for type is this Naim amp?

Hello everybody, I’m new here. Sorry I’m still listening to my old system : Accuphase T100-C200-P300 and I like it!
But I buy an “old” Naim amp, I think it’s a Chrome bumper (after what I read and see) but what for type?
I’m sure you can help, here are some pictures.
Thanks a lot.
PS : It’s a pity but I can’t find a power ITT CANNON connector.

That looks like a bolt down NAP160 to me.

I used to have one of these, a good friend of mine still has it. If in good working order they are super, well worth servicing. A CB 250 will beat it, but the 160 can be regarded as the more musical amp in the right system.

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I’m curious about the red terminal above the input XLR. It looks like there is a small regulated supply built in to the 160 feeding this - was this an early supply option for the preamp ?

I though the 160 had four of those diamond things on the back, whereas the 250 had eight.

Good point, the transistors are only on one side on the 160.

It must be an early 250. No sign of a serial number label.

Could it be one of the professional studio amps made by Naim?

Hello sersad & welcome.

Bit of an odd one this, it is a NAP160, but appears to have the rear panel from a NAP250. The 160 should have a 4 pin DIN input connector with a 24V ouput on one of the pins, hence why there is an extra terminal fitted above the 3 pin signal XLR. Be cafeful connecting anything to that red terminal as it looks like it is terminated to the 24V output. I suspect the four devices next to the power inlet are “dummies” as they are not connected to anything.

Those Cannon mains plugs & sockets are discontinued due to safety reasons & are very rare.



The back panel definitely looks like an early NAP200 or NAP250 but the internals are more like a NAP160, as Neil identifies above.

Do you know any of the history of the amp at all?

Hello, thanks for all answers. Unfortunately, I have no informations about this amp. I buy it in Netherlands and the person couldn’t say anything.
I wil take a look inside and take more pictures maybe it gives some clue?
Thanks again.

In all my years at Naim, I can’t recall ever seeing an original 200.

Do you have any pics Richard?


I’ve seen a picture of one, but never “in the flesh” so to speak. I may have a picture in one of my Naim history files. I’ll have to take a look see. I think most all were upgraded to NAP250s.

Hello, here others pictures that confirm what you find!
The red plug is connected to an orange wire who goes to “something”… see picture.
At the rear, the four transistors are not “dummies” but they are not connected.
And you can see the rear side of the two 'power cards".
Best regards

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Thanks for confirming - Tha’ts just a 3 terminal 78 series regulator (a 7824) which along with the upright electrolytic capacitor with the bridge rectifier on top provides the 24v DC output to the red terminal as Neil mentions.

Interesting piece of kit so thanks for sharing :sunglasses:

I’d get it serviced and enjoy it. If Naim can put the rear panel back to standard even better.
I doubt you’d lose much money if you sold it at a later date.

No rear panels I’m afraid.

We may have a side panel & maybe a top plate at a stretch, but not in good condition.


Just looking a heat mark bottom right green cap I definitely recommend a serve.


I may be wrong but from memory the 200 had grab handles as used in factory by Naim in the early days, the amp in the picture looks like an early Nap160 alright.