What have I done wrong? N-DAC connection

Trying to incorporate a used n-DAC into my system after reading all the good things said about it in this forum. I’ve mucked up somehow because the “sync” light on the n-DAC remains off and there is no sound from my NDX. I also have an XPS-DR in the mix. All three boxes are plugged into the mains, the NDX and the n-DAC are connected by a BNC DC-1 from the digital out on the NDX to S/PDIF input one on the n-DAC. The n-DAC and the 252 are connected by a Hi-Line and there is an ethernet cable running from the router to the NDX. The linkplug is fitted to the NDX. A burndy runs from the XPS to the n-DAC. The only thing that looks wrong on the face of it (to me anyway!) is that one of the optical toslink inputs on the n-DAC is missing its plug/cover. Will that make a difference? Yesterday the XPS and the NDX were working fine so I’m at a loss really.

Have you selected BNC as output in settings on your NDX?


No I haven’t! Great suggestion. But now my display on the NDX has decided that it is going to go dim. So might have to try tonight.

You need to enable Digital out assuming you can read the display :thinking:
It’s worth disabling the analogue out too.


Cheers Guinnless and Neiln1906 - now have sweet, sweet sound. Phone camera made the display readable. Was cursing my ridiculous three box steaming system prior to that…


A three box streaming solution is all the rage didn’t you know :laughing:


It is here!


It’s always made perfect sense to us. A good DAC and PSU are for the long term - digital bitstream rates don’t change overnight. What’s the worst that could happen? All internet streams become 24/96? The nDAC will cope just fine.

Streaming platforms on the other hand move far more quickly. We dithered on investing in an NDX2 but expect naim to support it for at least five years at which point we can move onto the class leader at that time, if needs be.

SWMBO is an Amazon gal, but she’s quite happy with AirPlay to NDX2 and I use Tidal connect extensively. Post setup we rarely use the naim app as I’ve added all internet radio stations we use as presets and we use NDX2 remote.

We might try Roon.


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