What Headphones?

My system 282-250-supercap.Just got a second hand Rega Ear.Looking to purchase headphones budjet nz$1500.00.Live in the country not often in the city would love a couple of models to target when I get there.Mostly listen to vinyl on my rega Rp8
Thanks Maurice

Hi Maurice. This is a tough question to answer based on the info provided. Are you looking for over-the-ear headphones? Do you need some sound isolation (closed back) or are open headphones ok? The latter will leak sound and you will also hear your environment as well. Comfort is another factor to consider.

When you are in the city, are there stereo shops that sell headphones? Do you happen to know which brands? Perhaps this will allow you to demo some and you can see if you have a preference for a certain fit/type of headphone.

Perhaps someone here has a Rega Ear and can offer some suggestions as well.


Sorry should of said have to be closed have listened to Dan Clark Aeon 2 and liked what perhaps could I compare these to.

Hi Maurice. Some options in the same price range as the AEON 2 are the Focal Celestee, and Denon closed backs AH-D5200 and D7200. If you want to try planars, there is the Audeze LCD-2.

Perhaps you can take the Rega Ear with you when you do your demos.


The Ear is fantastic. I had one for over a decade. But your headphone budget is a bit of a mullet.

I didn’t feel it was really doing my Sennheiser HD-800 justice. So much so that my older HD-600 sounded better on the Ear.

I’d honestly take your budget and slash it in half or less for best results. I can attest that HD-600 work fantastically with it. I’d be tempted to then get a 3rd party linear PSU to replace the Rega wall wart.

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