What hifi,audiophile youtube chanels you watch

i watch several in english

Steve gutengerg audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac - YouTube

Steve fuff photo hifi Steve Huff Photo & HiFi - YouTube

pursuit perfect system Pursuit Perfect System - YouTube

in German
Dimi Vessos i meet these youtuber in a hifi show

Sound in grooves

in Spanish
hifi hunters hifi HUNTERS - YouTube
Francisco del pozo Francisco del Pozo - YouTube

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I enjoy Darko Audio from time to time Darko Audio - YouTube


I avoid them all. Much quicker to read an article than watch a video.


Hear hear!

Paul Mc Gowan talks a lot of sense.


Really depends what you’re looking for. Browsing you could easily get lost but if you’ve a specific product in mind then sometimes there’s a depth lacking in paper reviews and comparing reviews can often be way more informative than endless paper reviews. Watching someone handle headphones when talking comfort communicates a lot more than a paper review ever can. You also get a better feel for the size; weight and things like how switches and knobs travel.

I like Darko for style alone. Ditto Guttenberg and Huff. Very little BS although it can be hard with Huff to understand where he places one product in relation to another. Everything is “great”.

Lachlan Fennen of Passion For Sound is measured and thoughtful. His takedown of the recent GoldenSound review of the Enleum was superb. No beef. Just real facts which made sense. Made GS look careless and silly without actually slagging him off.

Wholly unconvinced by ConvinceMeAudio and ditto Pursuit Perfect System which uses the word “best” far too often to be credible.

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I am following:

  • absolute sound
  • tracking angle
  • Ana(dia)logue
  • Alpha audio
  • 45 rpm audiophile
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Andrew Robinson has excellent audio reviews of mid fi equipment. Very well produced and his wife also has her say off camera. They are a great team. He raved about the Uniti Atom.

Ah yes, I forgot about Robinson. Not always worth watching but his range is broad and kudos for rating Decware et al.

Have to say I looked at the collection noted by @frenchrooster and thought they were genuinely awful. Exactly what I don’t want to watch.


When the reviewer starts uming an ering going over the technical specifications that really puts me off, especially when you can see they are looking at a piece of paper. I would rather listen to the written words read in my head.

I much prefer those that skip the “facts” and focus more on fluffing it all up - as that takes talent.

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Terry Ellis, the gentleman who is Persuit Perfect System, came over to my gaff & calibrated my Atmos 7.1.4 surround system. He made a super job of it, very thorough, and we spent a lot of time talking hi-fi.

An extremely knowledgeable and competent bloke. I don’t think his use of the word “Best” is a good way to judge him.


Maybe not but those are the videos he makes and that’s the word he uses. I don’t know enough to know whether people are nice or know their stuff but I do know what doesn’t make sense when you watch a video and anyone claiming that anything is “best” is not worth an awful lot of time in my opinion. YMMV.

Hopefully we are all different. Life would be boring if we were all the same.


Would be curious to know what is so awful with 45 rpm channel. It’s a non sense to say that, because the reviewer gives just his impressions on the lp reissues he received.
Tracking angle is the channel of the great Michael Fremer, a word specialist in the vinyl domain. Awful.? You can just say you are not interested….
Anadialog is reviewing components, be it preamps, cd players, turntables….

As for poursuit system channel, I find it personally without absolutely no interest. It’s just an advertisement of stuff. See how it sounds good, and bla bla bla….

Please don’t link to manufacturers. Thanks.

“And now we continue” :rofl:

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It’s less about the people and more the manner of presentation. At least to some extent. I find those channels extremely dry. They take themselves far too seriously and ditto their subject matter. There’s an air of pomposity and self-importance which simply doesn’t interest me. Again not a comment on them. More a comment about how poor a fit they are with the video medium. I enjoy reading Fremer on subjects of interest to me. On video he is simply dull.

A British Audiophile is another well produced and thoughtful one. Well worth while if you are considering some of the equipment he reviews.


I don’t always agree with every conclusion he comes to but he’s one of my favorites. His unpretentious manner and tendancy to get totally sidetracked is like listening to someone’s grandad pontificate in the garage. Doesn’t hurt that both him and my own grandad are (was) a Coloradian who lived to tinker.

not watching him on a big scale,i watched 3 or 4 viedeos of him one was about entry level naim where i am now with my nait 5si,the other where about primare,dali speakers …

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