What Hifi? Awards 2023 - Well done Naim!

I’ve just been checking out the latest What Hifi? awards results for 2023, and I see that it’s been another very successful year for Naim - in fact pretty much a carbon copy of last year;

Best wireless speaker over £500 - Mu-So Qb 2nd Gen
Best stereo amplifier £1,500-3,000 - NAIT XS3
Best music streamer over £1,500 - ND5 XS2
Best hi-fi system over £1,500 - Uniti Atom

Notably, for yet another year they are all repeat winners - the Atom for the seventh year in a row!

Well done everybody at Naim!


Friends in high places no doubt :wink:


I’ve read a few reviews on the ND5XS2/XS3 combination and it gets excellent results

With a suitable pair of speakers one can achieve a great sounding system for reasonable money

Yes hats off to Naim


It’s also good to see Arcam very much back in the fray with their CD5 (now, where have I heard that naim before??), A5 and A15 all picking up awards.


ND5XS2 is sublime at this price point


Agreed, it’s the only Naim unit I have left now.

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Here’s hoping the XS series stays around as the roll out of new products continues. I guess the issue with ND5XS2/Nait XS3 is that it competes with the Nova on price and performance(???)



So well deserved :notes::100:

Nice to see Naims lower end gear getting the credit it deserves.

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Agreed. And perhaps beyond.

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Tidal MQA isn’t supported?

Naim’s software head posted this a while back about Naim’s position on MQA.

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From what I’ve heard, the ND5XS2 is the sweet spot in the entire Naim range. Fabulous SQ at a sane price.


Arcam used to make some cracking equipment. I had an Alpha 5 CD player in the 90’s and upgraded it several times. Lovely bit of kit. Then ditched it for a Meridian 508.

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Same here. Ultimately I found the 508 a bit boring.
I also remember it ate cd’s if improperly placed in the tray. The person I eventually sold it on to found one hidden in the carcass and kindly sent it back to me.


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Atom winner since 2016….congrats Naim. But how long to a new successor :thinking:

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