What is a Naim Hicap2?

As the title, is this a DR or a later generation non DR? Likewise do non DR Hicaps work with DR amplifiers? (SN3)

Thanks folks, Im learning!

The Hicap 2 is the pre-DR black Hicap. It’s effectively the same as the older Olive version.

You can use a non-DR Hicap with a SN3, but it’s very much suboptimal, as the SN3 already contains a DR supply for its preamp.

While a non-DR HICAP uses Naim’s older selected and matched monolithic regulators , It is still a much bigger dual-rail power supply than the internal DR supply for the pre-amp in the Supernait. I would be surprised if even a non-DR HICAP couldn’t offer an upgrade here on the internal pre-amp supply. Of course, I’ve never done the comparison, the DR arriving after my time at the Naim factory, so would be interested in the results here. Anybody here tried it?

n.b. If anyone is tempted to try it, just be sure the HICAP is a recently factory serviced one, otherwise I’m certain it would come out the worse. A HICAP in need of a service sounds horrible!


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