What is Naim XS or XS-2

Good morning ,
This is my first post I am writing to you through the translator forgive me.
I have equipment that I bought in Poland as XS-2, this symbol is on the carton and the serial number matches it, while on the back panel there is the inscription XS. I am enclosing photos, I wrote to Niam, but I have not received any answer yet, so I am asking you for some answer if someone had such a case. Is this a normal situation? They say in the store that I have the XS-2, but I don’t want to believe something.


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That serial number is a 2012 unit. The original Nait XS had a midcycle refresh where the front fascia was changed to match the style of the Classic range, whereas before it looked like the 5 series. Those were labeled XS-2, but they are not what Naim eventually called the second version of the XS as XS 2.

As such, you likely have an XS-2, might just not be what you thought.

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The XS-2 was the slightly revised XS.
The XS2 was the replacement with more upgrades and redesign.

That is correct. The xs -2 is an xs in a different case.

The xs2 is the later model with internal changes.

You have to admit, it’s a little tricky.
I want to sell my Naim and I don’t know which version to advertise

You should advertise it as an xs-2, not as an xs2.

I did that too, but the customer who bought it complained to me that he meant xs2 and he got xs

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You could always add to the ad the info from the posts above to make it clear


I had the nait xs-2 as well and the name is usally confusing, both for buyers and sellers. Needs a proper explanation.

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I agree that it’s confusing, so the more info the better :slight_smile:

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