What is the best Naim product to match with Dynaudio Evoke 30

This is my first time here and I have a very simple question : I recently purchased a pair of Dynaudio Evoke 30 and it sounds like Naim is a good product to pair them with, but which device would be best to fully enjoy a pair of Evoke 30?

I would love the options the Unity Star offers but is it the best choice?

Can one also plug a AudioTechnica AT-LP120 USB to the Unity Star to get the most of vinyls as well?

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobis…

Hi LaBrute
I’m feeding my Evoke 30 with Uniti Nova. Sounds excellent.

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Star is great for those. An Atom would power them well.

You would need an amplifier and some speaker cables. What kind of system are you aiming for? It’s a bit back to front to buy the speakers first.

Thanks! And do you have a turntable plugged into it as well ?

I did buy cables when buying the speakers - I had an opportunity to buy my Dynaudio at a discounted price from a trusted store here in Montreal that was going through renovations before the pandemic hit so I grabbed it. I have a Denon Receiver DRA-345R that I think has limited capabilities, I’m playing CDs through a rather cheap Sony Blu-Ray player, using a coaxial to RCA adapter, far from ideal, and would obviously like to upgrade the whole set-up… hence my question about the NAIM system and trying to find out if their systems would properly marry the sound that I can get from my Dynaudios…

I’d suggest ndx2/282/hicap/250 plus naim naca5 speaker cables.
or ndx2/supernait 3 plus naim naca5 speaker cables.
Those are £3k GBP speakers so ideally need to be partnered with a suitable level Naim amplification plus source.

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Agreed that they need suitable level amplification - so, to be clear, a Supernait 3 / NDX 2 combination would be better suited for my speakers rather then the all-in-one Uniti Star?

Keep in mind I also want to play CDs … which the Unit Star does, and has a storage element that is tempting as well…

Oy the possibilities…

Hi, ndx2/sn3 is a noticeable step up from star/nova. You can connect a cd transport (or indeed a player) via optical or coaxial into the back of the ndx2 and benefit from the internal Naim dac.

Understood. Thank you for your input on this -

Yes, I have a turntable, which is a tuned Project Audio Debut Carbon. It is connected to the Uniti Nova via a phono preamp, also from Project Audio (Tube Box S2) and also tuned. All these connections are, of course, analog ones.
A phono preamp is needed since the Nova has no dedicated phono input.
I really appreciate the vinyl-sound quality coming from this setup.
Further using the multi-connectivity of the Nova, I have also a CD drive connected to it (digital connection).

I am a very happy listener with a Nova and Evoke 50. I use a CD transport into the Nova. Totally satisfied with this arrangement.


An xs3 with nd5xs2 would be a nice pairing and you would have a built in phono stage. I used to have x38s and an XS2 and they were great together.

Hi LaBrute… fellow Canadian. There is a well known Canadian used hifi site (dealers also promote and sell there)… you could pick up a great deal on a used SuperNait 2 there right now (there are a few available)… great integrated for your Evoke 30’s… then just add sources.

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Thank you fellow countryman :wink:

I looked and saw it too, earlier today…


It does depend on budget, second hand availability and what sources you will be using. If you don’t want to stream at all I’d be looking at a CD player like CDX2 rather than NDX2. If you do want to stream, getting an NDX2 and a Supernait would serve you well with a CD5XS in transport mode into the DAC of the NDX2. If vinyl becomes important it’s worth bearing in mind that an SN3 has a built-in phono stage. So NDX2/SN3/CD5XS would seem ideal but it’s quite an investment, so a cheaper alternative would be ND5XS/NaitXS3/CD5XS — good visual match, too. Finally, some will ask if you really need a CD player. The alternative is to rip your CDs to a NAS and use your streamer to play from that. My CD5 only gets used once in a blue moon since I got into streaming.

Choices, choices! Have fun choosing.


The problem you have here is that the Star will work with the speakers but there is always better. Ask yourself if you need better and if you do, how much better. How much do you want to spend? I’d be careful with that turntable though - it looks pretty flash but only costs £250 and will be mercilessly shown up by a Naim amplifier and those speakers. Maybe that doesn’t matter if you only want to spin the odd LP.

For what it’s worth, I recently compared a Nova against an NDX2 and Supernait 3. The latter was much better, but then it’s £4,000 more expensive, so you’d really hope it would be.

You really need to listen to options with your speakers. Star or better, they are all a lot of money.

Thanks - the turntable was given to me and I’ve upgraded it a bit and am only starting to collect vinyls…

Of course the more money you spend the better the sound, but I’m even wondering if it’s worth it, considering the space where my system is sitting right now (basement, low ceiling, carpet all over)… Perhaps when I take it upstairs in my living room when the kids have grown and gone out of the house I will upgrade to more serious options but I appreciate all this valuable input.

Endless choices!!

I’m more of a CD player type rather then streaming - so that’s a must (even in my car I prefer popping in CDs then playing stuff on bluetooth…)

I could rip my CDs, actually I would love to rip my CDs…

Anyway, a lot to think about and before I can rack up that much cash, everything will have evolved and i’ll need to ask all these questions all over again!

And thank you again !

To properly answer the question, one might first inquire as to your budget. Certainly a full 500 system will do nicely.

My modest system is comprised of Emit 30s driven by a Nait5/FC2. A mere 30 of Naim’s heartiest watts. At reasonable listening levels it’s quite lovely, only when pushed does it begin to falter. I am happy with this - that is not to say this is my “dead guy” system, but that I have other lifestyle priorities and improved power/control are further down the list than other things. And I quite like the Nait5/FC2’s presentation.

Your Evoke 30s are slightly more efficient, 88 db to the Emit’s 86. I’ve thought of stepping up to them myself (more efficient, slimmer profile - better finish options). But, to HH’s point - there is always better - how far do you intend to go? I’m confident you’ll be well pleased with any of Naim’s current offerings, providing your expectations are appropriately bounded.

That said, a comment. You might consider one of Rega’s decks, a P1 or P2, for a start. There’s a bit of a “source first” bias around here, with good reason. The loudspeakers can only convey what’s presented.

Bluetooth is a lossy format - CD played directly will(should) always sound better. Streamed high-res should sound better still.

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