What is the latest music you've downloaded where did you buy it and in what resolution?


I thought I would start this one off again it had been running for five years or so on the old site.


Qobuz 24/44.1

HRA 24/96

HRA 24/48


Wonderful recording, with a lot of detail coming through. As always Magdalena Kozena is superb! 24/96 download from High Res Audio


Qobuz 16/44.1


Qobuz 16/44.1


Qobuz 16/44.1

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Qobuz 24/44.1


Qobuz 16/44.1


Qobuz 16/44.1

Qobuz 16/44.1

Qobuz 16/44.1

Qobuz 24/44.1

Qobuz 16/44.1

Qobuz 16/44.1

Qobuz 16/44.1


Downloaded from Bandcamp at 16/44 sometime ago but added now as much easier on the new forum. Apart from enjoying a dip into this from time to time I think the idea of adding the lyrics to the artwork for each track is an idea that others could follow.


Mojo Rising by Psychlona from bandcamp in 16/44.1 FLAC.

Rather good psychedelic stoner rock by these lads from Bradford. “Kebab ‘n’ roll desert rock from Yorkshire”



Bandcamp 16 bit/44.1kHz FLAC

Undoubtedly the best northern English female/feminist beat poetry released in 2018!


Nest Egg - Live at Hopscotch Music Festival 2017

From bandcamp in FLAC 24/48

A heady mix of krautrock, psychedelic and alternative post punk stuff.



Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Sacred Dreams

Pre-ordered for download on 22nd April from bandcamp




Nocturne - 24bit 96kHz




24/96 Qobuz


The new one of Emile Parisienne, Double Screening at 24/96


Qobuz 24/44.1


24/96 Qobuz


Excellent trio of new releases, Bert. I have them too.